Reviews of Best Over 40 Dating Sites & Apps - Online Guide for 40 Plus Singles

There are thousands of people interested in using websites or apps for dating over 40. At the same time, there are dozens of apps and websites that promise help. Of course, in order to get the most from these online platforms, you must stick to the best ones. This is where comes into play!
Instead of spending countless hours doing research, you can count on our thorough reviews and choose a website that can help you find the ideal partner. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start a friendship or you want to establish a long-lasting relationship, we are here to help you get in touch with singles over 40. With the help of the sites and apps we are reviewing here, you will learn that life over 40 can be quite fun.
Here you will find a list that contains the names of the most reliable and most efficient over 40 dating sites & apps. We have spent a lot of time checking their features, their user-friendliness and overall functioning. When you look at this list, you can rest assured that you are getting access to the best sites of this kind.
On top of that, the rankings you see here are not changeless. We will do further research and update the list monthly. As we said before, our main objective is to let people find the best online platforms for dating at the age of 40s!


Dating after 40 can be really intimidating. This is why most over 40 singles turn their interest to online dating so that they might find what they were looking for. is without a doubt the most popular online platform, ideal for 40 plus dating in North America, Europe, and Australia. Millions of singles have used this platform over the last 20 years so as to find the perfect match. Considering the high rates of success of unlike all the other dating sites, it is no wonder ..

Elite Singles


As you can notice from the name of its domain, EliteSingles is a popular website for middle-aged elite singles dating. At this website, you can find many singles over 40, like doctors, lawyers, musicians and other celebrities from the middle class. A big majority of site members are between the ages of 35 and 55, which means most of them are looking for serious relationships. Over 50% of site members are singles at the age of 40s, so this website is one of the top 40 plus dating sites ..

Millionaire Match


If you are a beautiful young woman looking to meet mature rich men, then is the dating site you should visit. It is known for the fact that very many male members of the site are wealthy doctors, lawyers, CEOs, with other words they are successful men with a great financial state. Of course, when it comes to women, any rich man can find here gorgeous young models that aspire towards a better life. Among other over 40 dating sites, this one does stand out due to ..


#4 AdultFriendFinder

Is there a dating site for 40 plus singles where they can meet their sexual needs? You probably know that is the largest adult hookup site in the world. But you may not know that more than 60% of the site’s members are over the age of 40, which makes also the largest over 40 hookup site. ..

Senior Match


A large number of over 40 dating sites can be found out there on the internet. Out of them, SeniorMatch has received much attention. People who are interested in mature singles from every corner of the world have created their own accounts in SeniorMatch. The website has specifically been designed to assist individuals with dating after 40 and find the perfect match with minimum hassle...



Although SeniorFriendFinder is not among the biggest or most popular over 40 dating sites, but it still ranks very high among the best sites for over 40 singles. The good thing about it is that it has a very wide reach due to the support of Adult Friend Finder community. All member profiles are informative, so everyone can easily find compatible middle-aged singles to connect with. ..


#7 is a quickly growing over 40 dating site which is designated exclusively for singles which are 50 or more years old and are looking for deeper and meaningful relationships with other single adults. The site comes with quite a lot of different features. The first thing that you will notice is the fairly contemporary one-page design of the homepage which is definitely an interesting approach in comparison to the majority of other sites in the branch. ..

#8, power by AFF, is a professional casual hookup site reserved only for mature singles that are over the age of 40. The team of found that many middle-aged singles did not want to get engaged in sex conversations with younger singles. Since some senior members had complained that the website was too complicated and had so many naïve younger singles, the team published this new hookup site that is destined to serve those “picky” over 40 singles. ..

What Dating Site is Right for You? 4 Things to Consider Before Signing Up

We have highlighted what we believe to be the best dating sites for the 40 and over crowd. There were certain criteria that we looked for when determining the best of the best. However, dating sites are not one size fits all and what works wonderfully for one might not be so great for another.
When choosing an online dating platform, there are many things to consider. As you venture out to explore these or other dating sites, take note of these features that can either make or break your experience.

What type of matching criteria is used?

If you are looking to meet a variety of people regardless of their answers on a personality quiz, then a site that offers a massive user base and little or no matching software might be just the thing for you. If you are tired of wasting time and want your matches streamlined as much as possible, you should seek out a site with more thorough and intelligent matching software.

How often do you want to engage with the site?

Are you busy and only have time to look for a match on the weekends, or do you prefer notifications throughout the day of potential new mates? A large busy site is more likely to keep your inbox constantly buzzing, while a smaller site will cater more to people who view finding dates as more of a weekend hobby.

How do you plan on accessing the site?

Will you be primarily using a computer or would you prefer access through an app on your phone or tablet? Many dating sites have downloadable apps so that you have access to your account no matter where you are, but there are some that don’t.

How much do you want to invest?

Are you looking to explore possible matches for free or are you willing to invest a little money and if so, how much? Regardless of the site, free memberships almost always come with bothersome limitations. Paid subscriptions can range anywhere from about $10/month to over $70/month. The theory that you get what you pay for only applies if you are interested in what the site is offering.