The Benefits Associated with 40 Plus Dating

benefits of dating over 4040 plus dating has received much attention among people who live out there in the world. If you have the same desire, it is important to get to know about a suitable partner. However, looking for a 40 plus partner cannot be considered as an easy thing to do. That’s because you will need to have a clear understanding about the expectations of seniors in order to get into a relationship with a one. However, going through all the hassle is totally worth when compared to all the benefits that you can enjoy by dating singles over 40. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits out of them.


Dating after 40 is attached with maturity. Maturity has the ability to help you become more selective on who you should date and how you should spend your time. Most of the people believe that 40 is the cut off age to engage with dating, but it is not. Plenty of people who get into 40 plus dating end up with positive results that they deserve. When you get into a relationship with a person who is over 40 years, you would be embraced with more gusto. After 40, financial security is achieved and this would help you to keep peace of mind while you are interacting with the partner. In addition, the conversations that you have with your partner would become more understandable.


The outlook that you have towards dating would also change when you are engaged with 40 plus dating. Previously, you believed that dating is all about partying and it is somewhat frivolous. However, such a mindset can change along with 40 plus dating. There is a chance of intimacy to happen and in some cases; it would not happen at all. However, you are capable of your abilities and you will have the strength to make the right decision without going through any hesitation.


A large number of websites are also available for you to engage with 40 plus dating. However, people are strongly encouraged to go through the mature dating sites to find the perfect match instead of going through general fating websites. It would help them to narrow down the available choices and find the perfect partner with minimum hassle. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything while you make the decision to engage with 40 plus dating. It is entirely up to you to approach dating with the right mindset.


Getting into 40 plus dating would give you the opportunity to start a relationship with an open minded partner. Most of us are struggling to be open minded in our relationships. Even though we put a lot of effort to be open minded, we fail to reach that state. That’s why it is important to look for people who already have an open mindset. This is another reason available for you to start looking for singles over 40. After 40, we are not much worried about the latest trends in fashion. We try to live a simple life as much as possible. This creates an ideal platform to be open minded. We would not even tend to fall in love with all the good looking people who would glance at us. The way we love and date has become more mature now and it is more meaningful as well. As a result, we tend to figure out the true extent of relationships.


Most of the people who are looking for dating partners after 40 have wasted their time alone or by being with unsuitable people. As a result, they are looking forward to get into relationships with the individuals who are worthy to them. This can be considered as another prominent benefit that is associated with dating singles over 40. They have also adjusted their minds to believe that life starts only after 40. As a result, they are looking forward to get started with the life.


The relationship that you have with a single over 40 would be a fulfilling one. That’s because you are going to start dating a person who have understood the true meaning of life. Sometimes, you would not have a clear understanding about it, but your partner would be able to explain the truth. These lessons have the ability to create a tremendous impact on your future success. Therefore, 40 plus dating would be a wonderful experience, which would cherish you for the rest of your life.


middle age datingIn order to get all the above mentioned benefits, it is important to have a clear understanding about what the singles over 40 expect from you through dating. When you have a clear understanding about it, you will be able to cater their requirements. Singles over 40 are looking to meet a potential lifelong friend. If you just want to start a casual relationship for a couple of months, you should figure out that this is not the best option that is available to you. Therefore, all the people who are interested in 40 plus dating are strongly encouraged in order to be themselves. Then they would get the opportunity to attract singles that match perfectly well with your preferences.


When it comes to dating after 40, there is something more to your life. Therefore, you should not limit yourself only to singles over 40. You are gifted with the ability to attract people in all age categories. It is up to you to do a bit of a research, go through some dating websites and get to know about the different opportunities that are available. Then you will be able to start a relationship with the perfect partner.


If you really need to, you can start 40 plus dating. However, it would not be an easy thing to do. That’s why it is important to stick to mature or middle-aged dating sites, so that you can get the best out of your time to figure out the most matching partner.


The Most Common Dating Profile Mistakes that Mature Women Over 40 Make

profile mistakes women over 40 makeIt’s no surprise that women of a certain age have been there and done, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear the t-shirt with it emblazoned across the front. The ‘less is more’ adage applies perfectly when it comes to 40 plus dating online.

We’ve all been through break ups – some of them messy and painful – and anyone who is dating over 40 will have met their fair share of fools, but putting that in your dating profile is not going to sit well with a prospective partner.

By the same token, people (both men and women) need to feel needed, so proudly stating that you are perfectly happy with your single status is going to make a man who is looking for love feel that maybe you don’t actually need a man in your life at all.

It’s a thin line, and one that many mature people cross in the name of honesty, but the time to bare your soul comes once you are in a relationship, not before you have even met.

Filling out dating profiles can be tedious, especially if this isn’t your first time and you are thinking ‘here we go again’, but taking the time to put some thought into what you’re saying will pay dividends in the end.


Liars and Cheats Need Not Apply


Putting this in your profile screams ‘issues’, and is almost guaranteed to make a man keep on scrolling. We all have trust issues, but if we go into each new relationship with liars and cheats at the forefront of our minds, it’s going to be a disaster. Of course we don’t want to be with someone who is untrustworthy; if and when he proves himself to be so then walk away with your head held high.


Same Old, Same Old


Unless you are very new to over 40 dating sites, you will no doubt have seen scores of profiles which look identical. They all (apparently) go to the gym 5 nights a week, they all like extreme sports, and they are all ‘equally at home on a night out at a fancy restaurant ora night in with a good film and a nice bottle of wine’ (seriously, who would want to watch a bad film with a horrible bottle of wine?) Yaaaawn. Ok, so it might well be true (although I have yet to see a queue outside any local gyms) but it’s a little dull. The same goes for women’s profiles – be different, be unique. Don’t state that you like watching movies, reading a good thriller, and cooking up a storm. Find something out of the ordinary to say about yourself. 50 is the new 30 now, and most people want more than a night in front of the tv. Make anyone reading your profile want to find out more about you.


Glass Half Empty or Half Full?


Nobody, and I mean nobody likes a pessimist, and before anyone quotes the ‘misery loves company’ line, don’t you believe it! Misery only loves company when that companion is willing to listen to the moaning, but even the most bitter of people will not put up with someone else complaining for long. If your profile is full of the woes of life, you’ll have another complaint to add to your list – that of nobody asking you out on a date! Be vibrant, be alive. Be someone who makes other people feel good about life.


Honesty is the Best Policy


It’s already been said that you need to hold a few things back when writing a dating profile, but that’s not being dishonest – it’s being selective. When it comes to dating after 40, marketing yourself is like marketing anything else – play on the good points but never make false claims. Take photos, for example – it’s no good using a photograph of yourself when you were 20 with jet black hair when you are now 50 with streaks of gray. It’s not fair on your prospective date and it’s not fair on you, because he will be unable to hide his disappointment at not getting the younger version of you and it will make you feel awful! If you have gray hair, flaunt it but flaunt it well. Instead of saying ‘I’m going gray’ say ‘my hair is black with fabulous streaks of glitter’! Don’t claim to be rich (even if you are, because then you’ll attract the gold diggers), or that you like bungee jumping unless you do, because he might just surprise you with a bungee jump for two for your next birthday!


Watch Your Language


women over 40 dating onlineDating lingo is a whole new language which you need to learn before you delve into the world of online love. Many 40 plus women who don’t know the terminology have been surprised (and usually disgusted) to receive requests for one night hook-ups when nothing could be further from their minds. Phrases which are completely innocent in real life take on a whole new meaning when typed from behind a screen. According to cyber dating veterans:

  • Fun-loving = is up for anything, looking for one night stands, threesomes, and drinking games.
  • Bubbly = in this age of shallow thinking a woman who describes herself as bubbly is really saying she’s plus size, because apparently larger ladies over compensate by being the life and soul of the party. Who knew?
  • Curvy = another word for plus-size.
  • Independent = radical feminist.
  • Genuine = anything but.

Quite how these meanings came to be is anybody’s guess. When using these phrases, women are genuinely (see, you look at that word differently now, don’t you?) trying to say that they like to have fun, such as going to a comedy club, or making snowmen. An independent woman will pride herself on the fact that she has made it this far, and can stand on her own two feet. When compiling your profile, it pays to use your own terminology, and say exactly what you mean instead of using hackneyed phrases that have been done to death.

Dating profiles are a minefield, but if approached with an open mind, and the same enthusiasm you used to have for a night out ‘on the pull’ with the girls, it can be at worst a lot of fun, and at best maybe, just maybe, find you the man of your dreams.


8 Dating Dilemmas Divorced Women Over 40 Worry About

divorced women over 40We all have different emotions after divorcing in our forties. Some women eventually embrace the opportunity for new beginnings and experiences, others feel like they have been left on the scrapheap to wither away. 40 plus dating can be challenging in itself and add a divorce status to that, our minds go into overdrive imaging all kinds of scenarios, and that’s even before we’ve gone on a date.

Below are eight of the most common dating dilemmas divorced women over 40 worry about with some tips and advice on overcoming them.

Am I Ready to Date?

This is one of the most common worries about dating after a divorce. How do we know if we are ready to date? The answer is simple. You won’t really know if you are ready or not until you start dating and find out. If during a date you feel uncomfortable and keep comparing your date to your ex-husband there is a good chance you are not ready to play the dating game yet. But, if you find yourself having a good time and enjoying your date’s company, then yeah, lady, you’re ready to get back onto the dating scene.

We will have 100 kids between us!

OK, we’re exaggerating, but dating when over 40 and divorced probably means one or both of you will have some kids. But ask yourself, does it really matter? As long as your children are coping with the divorce and realise they are still loved by both Mum and Dad, they will handle you dating again. Plus, if your new love interest does have kids it means a shared interest, some fun kid related days out and the opportunity for your children to spend time with other kids. So, stop worrying about how many children you might or might not have between you and get out there and have some fun.

He’s Not My Husband

You are divorced, you don’t want your new beau to be like your husband. That might sound harsh, but there is a ring of truth to it. Sometimes we have a tendency to put our ex-husbands on a bit of a peddle stool after a divorce. Don’t focus on the things you liked about him, focus on the things that took you to the divorce in the first place and make sure when you meet someone else he doesn’t have any of these traits. If he does, run, and fast. It will be a bit daunting at first. You knew your husband inside and out, but you are no longer a couple and it’s time to forget what was and focus on what can be.

I’ve Only Ever Had Sex with My Husband

This dilemma can seem really scary. But whoa, slow down. We are talking about a few dates with someone new, there is no law stating that you have to go to bed with them. Don’t even let your imagination bring sex into the equation at this point. If you start dating someone and you like them, the sex issue won’t feel so daunting. Why worry about sex with another partner when you are only considering starting to date again? Sex is a long way off so don’t even think about it until the time occurs. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened is not constructive and won’t help you get out there and start dating again.

I Don’t Know How to Date

Let’s be honest here, who does actually know how to date? There are no rule books stating the do’s and don’ts of dating. Other than being polite and avoiding talking about your ex-husband all night there are no set rules when you are dating.  If you put this into perspective the chances are you are going to be dating someone of your own age and perhaps a divorcee as well. Your date will feel the same as you. Stop worrying that you don’t know how to date and focus on what is more important. Having a good time, meeting new people and getting back into the dating game. After a few dates with someone you’ll know exactly how to act on a date.

I’m Too Old to Start Again

Age is only a physical description of how long we’ve been here. There is no reason for anyone not to start dating again or look for romance, no matter what your age is. There are some women around that have found love in their 70’s. Age shouldn’t be a barrier to happiness. You deserve to be happy no matter how old you are and you aren’t exactly starting again. You are just branching out into the next stage of your life.

My Looks Have Left Me

middle-aged-lovePersonally, many women over 40 often look better now than they did in their twenties. Think Demi Moore, Nichole Kidman and Jenifer Anderson for example. These women ooze sex appeal more now than they ever did in the 1990’s. A lot of men like dating women over 40 for this exact reason. Sex appeal and attractiveness is not just about looks. It’s about life experience, personality and your mind. 40 plus dating is not as superficial as dating in your twenties. It’s also important to remember you are probably going to date a man who is in the same age bracket too and he will have the same doubts about his looks and body as you are having.

I Don’t Go Anywhere to Find Someone New

When you start to think about moving on after a divorce, 40 plus dating is different than it was for you ten or fifteen years ago. It’s unlikely you are going to go dancing at the local nightclub all night after all. But, there are lots of groups you could join or if you don’t feel able to do that, you can find someone perfect for you from the comfort of your own home. There are many dating sites for middle-aged available online and all you have to do is set up a profile. It’s not about where you go, it’s about what you do. So, stop worrying that you don’t go out very often, there are still opportunities for you to meet new people.

Worrying about dating if you are in your forties and divorced is not the minefield you are imagining it to be. Don’t let the worry of what has not yet happened put you off meeting someone new. Get back into the dating game and have some fun. You deserve it.


10 Things That Woman Over 40 Have To Know While Dating

single women over 40Dating is a game that is never easy, but dating after 40 always looks much harder. In reality, it doesn’t have to be so, you just have to realize that the rules of the game are different from where you left it. For women, it can seem especially scary – you are programmed to believe that you are too old, not attractive enough and that you can take only what you can get. However, we will present you several pieces of advice that will help you catch the man you want and deserve to be with.

  1. Define what you want

Some women are not sure what they want, particularly if they just came out of a long and painful relationship. Some women just want casual sex or a rebound guy to make them feel special again, others want a serious and real relationship, or marriage. Analyze yourself and try to figure out what it is that you want in that moment. Be sure that that’s something that you want, and not what others think you should do. Mature women should know what their deal breakers are and stick to them. If you have kids, talk to them first and listen to what they think. If you exclude them, you are risking a confrontation later on.

  1. Be confident

Many women believe that when they hit 40, they are past their prime and that they are no longer desirable. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking shows and makes you look desperate, but most over 40 singles go through that phase. So, how to deal with that? First of all – stop reminding yourself how old you are. Keep in mind how smart, funny and charming you are. Ask your friends to tell you 3 of your best qualities and see what comes up most often – that’s your weapon. Believe it or not, attractiveness has everything to do with self-confidence. The way you walk, talk, or enter the room gives people the first impression of who you are and what they might expect from you.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Know who you are and what you want. That means – you are an attractive, confident woman over 40 – own it! Doesn’t dress or act like a teenager, because the media are telling you it’s sexy. In that manner, you can only attract weirdoes, which is something that nobody wants.

  1. Take care of yourself.

You have to understand that unless you feel good about yourself, you won’t attract anyone.  Naturally, you must exercise and eat healthy, but that’s not all. You must try to dress nicely, have your hair and nails done at every time. That doesn’t mean that you should wear a ball gown when going to a supermarket but don’t go out in wrinkled clothes or with messy hair. Dress appropriately and find out what works for you. You never know when you’re going to meet someone. If you are a “plain Jane” consider a makeover.

  1. Put yourself out there

That means a lot of things but mostly – be prepared for dating. Let go of your past and deal with all problems that you have. Middle-aged dating is hard because no one gets to that age unhurt. But remember that you are not the only one. So be honest about how you feel, if you are afraid or scared be aware that the other side is scared as well. Don’t hesitate to express how you feel and be honest. Communicate openly what you need and you’ll get the honest response in return. That’s how you maximize the possibility of finding someone who’s going to be a right fit for you.

  1. Ask friends for help

It is hard for over 40 singles to meet each other spontaneously – there aren’t that many bars or clubs that have that kind of clientele.  So it’s only natural to ask friends to set you up with someone they know. First of all, they probably know what you like and what kind of men might be interesting to you, and secondly  – often people who are close to us, know what we need better than we know ourselves.  If you hate blind dates, ask your friend to ask you both for a dinner. In that way, you can meet that guy in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Join some activity or find a new hobby

women dating after 40This might sound like a dating cliché, but it is one of the best ways to meet over 40 singles. First of all, find an activity that you like and would like to know more of. Also, try to look for something what men like as well, like hiking, fishing, cooking, or activities where you’ll have to meet and communicate with someone, like dancing classes. If you are religious, go to church, or start volunteering in some organization. Whatever you choose, it has to be a group activity, and something that will show your potential partner that you are open, fun to be with, adventurous and interested in the same things as he is.

  1. Online dating

Serious dating after 40 must take online dating into account. The stigma related to meeting people in this manner has now vanished. But women are mistaken when they think that they can find someone only through dating sites. You should make a profile on those sites, make no mistake about it, but don’t limit yourself to them, and don’t post only on middle-aged dating websites. A proactive approach can also be very useful. Use social media profiles, such as Facebook, to meet new people. Browse through their profiles, choose a similar interest, add a new friend, comment on someone’s photo, even poke people you like. Someone will definitely answer.   If you have kids, ask them for help. They know more about these things than you ever will, and in this manner, you’ll get their support and approval even before anything happens.

  1. Hire a matchmaking service

If everything else fails, you can always look for professional assistance. When people are sick, they go to see a doctor, if they have legal troubles, they talk to the lawyers, so why would this be any different? These services have special algorithms and qualified and pleasant staff that will help you find your match.

  1. Consider the guys you already know

We often overlook people that we know, like colleagues, friends or neighbors. Women, especially 40 plus ones believe that if something should have happened with them, it would have already. But don’t be so strict. Try to imagine going out with those single guys. How it would be like, do you have something in common? Ask them out, even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to practice dating.


Eight Reasons Why Sex is Better At The Age of 40s

sex over 40Many people have the mindset that sex over 40 isn’t exciting, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have proven time and again that most couples over 40 have greater sex lives than they did in their younger years. Why? For one thing, we’re older and wiser and we have years of experience on our side. Secondly, we’re not afraid to speak up and ask for what we want in bed.

Listed below are just a few of the many reasons why intimacy gets better with age, so forget the silly notion that sex is all downhill once you hit the big 4-0, and start looking forward to the prime of your life!

After 40…we are comfortable with our bodies.

Since most women get married and have children in their early 20’s to mid-30’s, we spend most of those years enduring the wonder (and yes, pain) that comes from pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. We discover what our bodies are capable of, and we become more appreciative of these qualities the older we get. Many people spend their younger years constantly stressing over having the perfect body and comparing themselves with others, but there’s a freedom that comes with age, as we start worrying less over cellulite and what others think, and instead, we take pride in our strength and we’re comfortable in our own skin. Older women are less self-conscious and more confident with their sexuality and most men find that confidence incredibly sexy.

After 40…we know what we want.

During our young adulthood, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what will get us from Point A (arousal) to Point B (orgasm). By the time our 40’s and 50’s roll around, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re not afraid to ask for it either. We’re older and wiser. You could even say we’ve “been there and done that”. At this stage of our lives, we are focused on achieving satisfaction, and that means not being bashful when it comes to voicing our needs.

After 40…we can separate sex and love.

As crass as it might sound, as we grow older, we begin to understand that sometimes sex is just that – SEX. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay! We spend so much time during our 20’s and 30’s analyzing every little detail of our sex lives. We stress over not having sex as often as we think we should or whether we spent the appropriate amount of time cuddling. These worries become far less daunting the older we get. Yes, making love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes we just want the thrill and excitement sex provides without strings attached. This is true for over 40 singles too.

After 40…we have fewer “life interruptions”.

If you have children, then you probably remember what it was like to sneak around with your spouse or partner to have some time alone when your kids were young. When our children are little, we spend so much time tending to their needs that our physical needs are thrown by the wayside. For couples over 40 who are enjoying an empty nest, there are less interruptions to deal with, and that means more time for intimacy.

After 40…we have no inhibitions.

Since most women are beyond childbearing years once they reach their early 50’s, this allows us to become less inhibited. When the risk and fear of pregnancy has decreased, there’s an increase in the desire to try new and different things. For singles, dating after 40 and over 40 dating sites become less intimidating and more interesting. We find ourselves more open and receptive to sexual fantasies that once seemed taboo, and if we’ve been in a committed relationship a long time, then we can delve in these fantasies without stressing over trust issues. When it comes to sex, younger generations tend to rush to the finish line, but as we grow older we understand the importance of taking our time and enjoying the journey. Longer foreplay sessions add another bonus for older couples too – more intense orgasms!

After 40…we have more options.

better mature sexUnfortunately, there are some not-so-fun things that older couples and over 40 singles often contend with, but we have so many options available to us now to help with those problems. Fluctuating hormones can cause vaginal dryness and trouble maintaining an erection, but with Viagra and new lubricants on the market today, we can deal with these little hiccups and have fun in the process. An aging body doesn’t mean an active sex life is over by any means. Sometimes it takes a little more imagination to get the engines running, but oh what fun it is once those motors start purring!

After 40…we have more financial freedom.

In our 20’s and 30’s, many of us spend our days climbing the corporate ladder and saving every nickel and dime for mortgage payments, our children’s schooling, and other life necessities that come with having a home and family. When our children are grown and on their own, we can finally enjoy the fruits of our labor. Many couples over 40 and singles dating after 40 have achieved their career goals, and so they’re able to enjoy a little frivolous fun, whether it’s a weekend get away or something a little more extravagant, like a week-long ocean cruise. These breaks from everyday life and changes in scenery can lead the way to some amazing sexual adventures.

After 40…we place more value on intimacy.

If you’ve been on this earth a long time, then chances are you’ve experienced tragedy and/or loss in some shape or form. A great loss, like the death of a loved one, reminds us how precious life is, which creates a stronger and richer bond in our relationships, especially our intimate relationships. When you’ve lived long enough to understand how fleeting life can be, you value every touch and every kiss on a deeper level, and that closer intimacy can open the door to a more powerful and satisfying sex life.



Dating Over 40: Signs That You Are Going Through a Middle Age Crisis

middle age crisisEver dreaded the word “middle age crisis”? Middle age crisis is a challenging period that happens to great portion of mature males and  females and occurs typically between the ages of 45-60. The thing is, even though there are some common symptoms people experience age group, men and women as well as each person experiences middle age crisis differently. Some people for example and especially males buy a luxury car or seek the company of younger women that may be half their age. Women might get cranky and nervous because of menopause or  go under the knife in an effort to regain their youthful appearance. Of course dating and relationships are negatively affected as well.

If the following statements sound familiar to you, then your dating life and relationships might suffer from middle-age crisis:

  • You reminisce the old times when you were young and carefree and a serial dater. Most males and even some females go through a very unstable and immature period in their younger years and serial dates are actually very common in that age. Immaturity and lack of responsibility or excessive confidence are the reason why many dates or relationships hardly ever last at this age, However, as we grow older and we gain a better grasp of what we want, serial dating and having too many short lasting flings and relationships are a sign that you are going through a middle age identity crisis and you haven’t figured out what you want. Like everyone it’s common to reminisce your younger years, but you’ll have to accept that your dating and relationship decisions must be made in a more well-thought and mature manner.


  • You feel tempted to stop dating peers or dump your partner and start dating someone younger than could be your son or daughter in age. Another common sign that you are going through a middle age dating crisis, is if you are constantly tempted by fantasies and thoughts to date someone younger, and in some cases half your age. If you are a 56 year old male eyeing college girls instead of women that are the same age as you (or at least near your age), it means that you are desperately trying to regain your youthful feeling of sexual power and confidence or no longer find people your age attractive. If you suspect it’s the first reason, you need to speak with a psychologist to address your confidence issues and eventually accept your lacks or weaknesses at this age.


  • You go to extremes or pay enormous amounts to regain your youthful appearance and appear more attractive to your date. We all age sooner or later and even though we can slow down the clock, old age will eventually hit us. When the first signs of aging show up e.g fine lines and gray hair, we tend to panic and feel tempted or even proceed with costly procedures in an effort to regain our youthful appearance. Men for example might opt for hair transplants and females may opt for botox or go under the knife. While it’s perfectly fine and even suggested that you take care of yourself, going through such extremes in this age means that you lack confidence in yourself and fear that you may appear unattractive to others and your date. You have to realize that many of these procedures might may you look worse than before and contribute to an unnatural appearance that is certainly not attractive to any person of any age. So instead of consulting your plastic surgeon, perhaps it’s time to address the issue with a psychologist instead.


  • You try to impress your date by doing inappropriate things like speeding up your car or suggest that you two go through an extreme sport. Remember when you were 20 and you were speeding up your car or trying to  pull off the latest dance moves in an effort to impress your date? Things like that can be fun when you are a teen or 20-something but when you are 50 and do such things to impress your date, especially if they are younger, this is not appropriate and will make you look ridiculous or desperate. Keep in mind that at this age people get impressed by you because of your experience and intellectual abilities rather your latest car or dance moves so show these off subtly instead.


  • Middle-aged RelationshipYou stop dating altogether for a long period of time because you no longer feel confident and attractive enough. Apart from serial dating like when you were 20, on the opposite side of the spectrum we have mature people that choose not to date for multiple months or years because they no longer have the energy to do so or don’t feel attractive enough. Especially when you have gone through bad dating experiences, going through dating stagnation can sometimes be an inevitable option. While it is perfectly fine to take short breaks from the dating scene, too long pauses will dramatically increase the chances of staying alone through the rest of your life. Whatever the reason you have stopped dating at the age of 40s, you should discuss the matter with a psychologist so you can address your concerns and eventually return back to the dating scene.


  • Your go through extremes in your sexual life–you have too much or too little sex.Too much sex or too little sex and even complete withdrawal from having sex in some cases, is also another sign that you are going through a middle age crisis in your over 40 dating and relationships. Some people and especially males seek to re-live their youthful years by having excessive sex with multiple women whereas mature women are prone to make sex less because they are no longer in the mood or not feel attractive enough. The first is a risky and inappropriate whereas the second is often a sign of depression and lack of confidence. Either way, a dramatic shift in your sexual patterns at this age means implies a middle age issue that needs to be addressed.



The Ways Dating Changes in Your 40s

dating in 40sThere are a lot of pros to dating in your 40s and beyond. You no longer have to worry about the shallowness that is dating in your 20s, where you are constantly worried about getting “ghosted,” and you’re less inclined to play games. On the other hand, you also have different priorities than a 20-something who is looking for a partner. You know what you want, and you’re able to identify red flags quicker thanks to your past mistakes. With that said, let’s take a look at a few ways dating changes as you get older.

Family concerns

While you no longer have to worry about whether or not your parents approve of your partner, you might now have to concern yourself with the idea of your children not approving. Introducing your potential new husband or wife to your children can shake up your relationship.

If your children don’t like your new lover, you have to find ways to ease them into the idea. Encourage them to spend more time together and maybe go for frequent lunches or dinners to acquaint your children to your new partner. If that doesn’t work, just remind yourself that who you choose to date is none of their business—if you really like this new partner, you don’t have to listen to your children.

Just be sure you and your new partner are on the same page. If they also have their own children, finding ways to blend your family’s can be very rewarding.

Sex and body image

As you age, you become less limber. You might not be able to perform as well as you once did, causing issues in the bedroom. Women’s sexuality tends to decline in their 50s, while a men’s desire for sex usually stays pretty high. It’s important to find ways to balance both of your sex drives. If you’re a man and are having trouble keeping your libido up, talk to your doctor about ways to improve it. They may recommend some sort of supplement to boost blood flow to your penis, helping you maintain an erection.

It’s just a myth that older people don’t care about their body image—it’s very much a real concern for everyone. As people age, they undoubtedly begin to feel less attractive than they did in their younger years—skin begins to sag, age spots form, and hair greys. If this is a concern of yours, find ways to improve your body image. Talking to your partner about your insecurities can go a long way in boosting your self-esteem and increasing your comfort around each other. When you feel unattractive, it’s near impossible to have a healthy sex drive.

Therapy is also a good way to reshape the way you think about aging and your body. The stigma around therapy has definitely faded over the last decade, so don’t be ashamed.


You’re now an established adult with a full-time job, a car, maybe a house and a retirement plan. You hopefully don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills anymore and can enjoy your money. This can make dating very exciting again, as you’re able to go out stress-free and splurge on whatever you like. Take advantage of this and go on exciting date nights.

Be careful, however, especially if you’re going on a lot of first dates. Don’t fall into the trap of always paying!


When dating in your older years, you definitely have a different way of thinking about the whole thing. While once you might have been afraid to commit and were only looking for short-term relationships, you’re not ready to commit and are probably looking for a spouse to marry and move in with (and potentially have children). Be sure that your priorities and intentions are clear when you’re going out on dates, as you don’t want to end up wasting your time only to find out that the new love of your life doesn’t have the same goals as you.

Don’t mind the quirks

When you’re dating as a young person, it’s pretty common to stop seeing someone because they have a simple quirk that annoys you. But now that you’re older, you’re probably more likely to look past someone’s annoying quirk. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just make sure to not sign up for something that you’re going to regret in the long run.

Adjusting to new ways of dating

Nowadays, the easiest and most efficient way to find a date is through an app or a website. A lot of people are reluctant to jump on the online dating bandwagon, but it’s not as scary as you think. If you’re struggling to learn how to use an online dating service like eHarmony, don’t be afraid to ask someone younger you’re related to—they will definitely be able to teach you. You might even want to try a phone app if you’re feeling extra brave, like Tinder, where you’ll be able to find a date almost instantaneously if you really want to.


Dating in your 40s and beyond doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s made out to be. In fact, it might even be easier (and safer). Just make sure you go into it with a game plan: know exactly what you want to get out of it, whether that be a new spouse for life or a hookup. You probably have more disposable income, so you can go on exciting dates that you might not have been able to in your younger years.

Don’t think of this as a unfortunate situation—it might actually turn out to be the time of your life.


Are Over 40 Singles More Open-Minded about Sex? What is the Truth?

open-minded about sexMany people believe that once you pass the age of 40 years old, life’s little pleasures, such as fulfilling sex, is somewhat over. Even people that go beyond this age consider that it is not appropriate to think about sex or enjoy it as one used to when he or she was young.

But, let’s be serious, you’re not really happy without a satisfying sexual activity. Also, it is not a good idea to repress your desire and need to enjoy sex because you are, after all, a human being. And for those people that are looking for over 40 partners, they should not worry when it comes to them being open-minded about sex, because these singles do consider sex a very important part of life and of a normal relationship. Would you like to know more about the truth concerning this aspect? Just keep reading and you’ll find your answers.

  1. Yes, they are more open-minded than you may believe about sex

You should not be afraid to hook up with over 40 singles, because they are sufficiently open-minded when it comes to sex. They enjoy it as much as you do and you will be surprised to see that many mature singles are amazing when it comes to this part, due to their lifetime experience and plenty of practice.

It is true that some over 40 women may be shier at this part, but if you are patient enough to get to know each other and earn their trust, most certainly they will show you their erotic side. Also, these singles are not afraid to experiment, to do something they never tried before, if the find the right partner, wishing to enjoy a more pleasant personal life.

So, if an over 40 hookup is tempting you, you should definitely go for it, because your partner will certainly not disappoint you in the bedroom.

  1. They have more sexual needs and fetishes.

The truth is that over 40 singles have a great deal of sexual needs and fetishes. Their age makes them certain about what they want and what they are after, so they won’t hold back when it comes to fulfilling their sexual desires. For them, time is precious, as they are not in the 20s anymore, so they will not miss the chance to enjoy an unforgettable moment together with their partner.

If you are afraid that they will think about their pleasures alone, you are wrong, because nothing sets them on than seeing that their partner is also enjoying his or her time also. Believe it or not, over 40 singles can be very passionate lovers and can provide unforgettable intimate experiences.

  1. They easily accept the idea of hookup.

over 40 hookupYou may be tempted to think that, considering their age, they are looking for serious long-term relationships only. Well, think again, because these singles will not hesitate to enjoy a no-strings-attached hookup.

Not all of over 40 singles are chasing marriage and many would do everything they can to enjoy a beautiful life, without thinking too much about getting hitched. Of course, if they find the right person for marriage, this is something that could eventually happen, but they are definitely not conditioned by it. So, if such a single considers you attractive, he or she won’t hesitate the occasion of enjoying a hookup with you. If you want to continue afterward, it is entirely your choice, just make it clear when it comes to your interests, so you won’t have troubles later on.

They appreciate honesty and sincerity, so if you’re just looking for a hookup, be straightforward about it, instead of promising dates and successful relationships. In spite of their age, these singles still know how to have fun and live the moment, so they will rarely say no to a hookup.

  1. They strive for quality hookups.

Okay, so over 40 singles are interested in casual hookups, but that doesn’t mean that they go will anything that comes along. No, their effort and interest is worth much more than this, so they do tend to be rather picky. As mentioned before, they know what they want at this age, so if you are not the type of person they are after, they will diplomatically refuse a hookup with you. Also, while they are interested in sex, they will love a person with whom they can have a pleasant dinner and conversation before getting to anything intimate, because they do know how to appreciate quality time spent in the company of someone they like.

Unlike younger people, mature singles learned how to slow down and appreciate every moment, being a true pleasure to spend time in their company. Most men over 40 are real gentlemen, while the women are elegant, distinct, and refined, so no matter how you put it, they offer quality, but demand it in return as well. They are not looking to have lists of partners where numbers prime, as they prefer to have a shorter list of partners who deserved their attention and effort.

  1. They are the main force of casual dating sites.

Believe it or not, the majority of members on casual dating sites are over 40. Yes, they enjoy the comfort and privacy these sites offer them, plus the fact that online dating saves them a lot of time. You see, these singles are usually rather busy, being successful entrepreneurs that run their own business or single parents that entwine their personal life with a great career. Thus, they don’t have sufficient time to go on out regular dates, looking thoroughly for their partners before accepting to go on an actual date.

So, if you are looking for such a single, you will definitely find him or her on casual dating sites, where they compose the main force of the site. In case you are an single at the age of 40, don’t hesitate to join a reliable and reputable casual dating site, if you want to increase your chances at finding the ideal partner for you.


5 Rules for Over 40 Singles Dating

over 40 datingIf you’re interested in dating over 40 you may be hesitating because you’re in a different stage of your life. When you were younger you started out dating for fun, then got a bit more serious about it as you entered your 30s. Now, here you are single again because you’re divorced, or perhaps your spouse passed away. Either way, you’re a bit uncertain about it.

Here are 5 tips to help you try dating over 40.

  1. Consider goals. You can’t assume that every single over 40 person is where you are in life. Often many people have put family goals on hold, until they’re in their 40s. Women can even have children into their 50s now, often with a bit of help with treatments. And then there are people in their 40s who have already gone the family route, and their kids are nearly out the door. Now you want to have fun again, like you did in your teens and early 20s. The trick is finding over 40 singles who have the same lifestyle goals that you have.


  1. Sign up for over 40 dating sites. There are sites for everyone, even for people who are over 40 years old. An over 40 singles’ site gives you a chance to meet other people your age, without having to worry about having a bunch of immature people message you.


  1. Be honest in your dating profile. Most people have a second sense for lying, so it’s best not to say you’re a doctor or drive a Ferrari, unless you really are. You’ll attract single men or women with your honesty. Be sure to also use your own photographs on the over 40 dating sites. It’s fine to dress up, and get your friends to take good photos, rather than taking a bunch of selfies. Use Photoshop sparingly to touch up your photos. And only include hobbies and interests if they’re things you actually do, and not things that you want to do, such as hang gliding or skydiving. If you haven’t done them by now, you won’t.


  1. Have a makeover. Everyone can benefit from some form of self-improvement. Perhaps your weight creeped up a bit, or you need a haircut. Buy a few new outfits for your dating wardrobe. Have one of your friends give you a good critique before you head out the door to a date.
  1. Enjoy your dating adventures. Some aspects of dating will seem new to you, while you’ll remember older aspects that are still the same. Don’t be too serious about it as you’ll scare away any awesome potential dates.


If you’re tired of being alone every night, or on your days off, it may be time to try dating over 40. There are many over 40 dating sites to assist you in your journey. It can be whatever you want, just remember to be honest with your dates. You never know when you may find someone fabulous on the dating sites.


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