5 Rules for Over 40 Singles Dating

over 40 datingIf you’re interested in dating over 40 you may be hesitating because you’re in a different stage of your life. When you were younger you started out dating for fun, then got a bit more serious about it as you entered your 30s. Now, here you are single again because you’re divorced, or perhaps your spouse passed away. Either way, you’re a bit uncertain about it.

Here are 5 tips to help you try dating over 40.

  1. Consider goals. You can’t assume that every single over 40 person is where you are in life. Often many people have put family goals on hold, until they’re in their 40s. Women can even have children into their 50s now, often with a bit of help with treatments. And then there are people in their 40s who have already gone the family route, and their kids are nearly out the door. Now you want to have fun again, like you did in your teens and early 20s. The trick is finding over 40 singles who have the same lifestyle goals that you have.


  1. Sign up for over 40 dating sites. There are sites for everyone, even for people who are over 40 years old. An over 40 singles’ site gives you a chance to meet other people your age, without having to worry about having a bunch of immature people message you.


  1. Be honest in your dating profile. Most people have a second sense for lying, so it’s best not to say you’re a doctor or drive a Ferrari, unless you really are. You’ll attract single men or women with your honesty. Be sure to also use your own photographs on the over 40 dating sites. It’s fine to dress up, and get your friends to take good photos, rather than taking a bunch of selfies. Use Photoshop sparingly to touch up your photos. And only include hobbies and interests if they’re things you actually do, and not things that you want to do, such as hang gliding or skydiving. If you haven’t done them by now, you won’t.


  1. Have a makeover. Everyone can benefit from some form of self-improvement. Perhaps your weight creeped up a bit, or you need a haircut. Buy a few new outfits for your dating wardrobe. Have one of your friends give you a good critique before you head out the door to a date.
  1. Enjoy your dating adventures. Some aspects of dating will seem new to you, while you’ll remember older aspects that are still the same. Don’t be too serious about it as you’ll scare away any awesome potential dates.


If you’re tired of being alone every night, or on your days off, it may be time to try dating over 40. There are many over 40 dating sites to assist you in your journey. It can be whatever you want, just remember to be honest with your dates. You never know when you may find someone fabulous on the dating sites.